Freitag, 4. März 2011

CeBIT Day 3 Webciety "Kamingespräch"

In the end I watched many talks today ... Bloggers in a nice discussion round at webciety in hall 6 was my last one.

Big discussion on what makes up a relevant blogger or opinion leader. One could feel that these three are really different. But whom am I talking about?

There is really a difference in habits and behavior.  but I don't want to judge. Whats important is, that the online communities are vivid, living social groups enjoying the possibilities of the internet age. The moderator seemed not to understand, what a geek really is, but he was also the only one wearing a suit...

But I enjoyed the conversation a lot and try to meet up with Sascha Pallenberg again today, as I a following his Twitter feed for awhile and he is nearly everywhere, where new devices and gadgets come around. Watch out for the video feeds coming up on the Webciety website. The talk is linked there now. Go to 04. März and watch out for the title "Die Influencer Economy & die Ich-Marke". The direct links unfortunately do not work.

So, enough of this kind for today, hope to find some other interesting things today and tonight.

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