Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Mobile World Congress Day 3

Lets get the last part and pictures online! In the morning if just saw the first person really wearing the i'm smartwatch ;-)

Israel had an impressing booth hosting lots of really different startups and companies with mobile related solutions.

As smartphones and tablets get mainstream, special versions get their market, too. CAT showed its ruggedized and fully waterproof smartphone. It can even be operated, if drops of water are on the screen. A real outdoor device.

SPB TV is a well known TV app actively distributing TV over mobile.

After its full success going public, Ruckus wireless has developed to a full solution professional.

Even advanced authenticaton methods can be used out of the box over the full device range of hotspots.

4G backhauling even with the compact access points is also possible. Liked the flexibility of configuration options.

The same 4G backhauling scenario with a professional outdoor unit.

Transmitting data using light. LEDs make it possible in various ways.

A french startup develops new solutions based on LED data transfers. First customers are exhibitions and museums using the good integration even with indoor location info available with LED lightning.

Dolby is also trying to step into mobile transmission scenarios.

One of the most curious devices of this years MWC. A double display smartphone prototype byNEC. Full test and video to be found at the Gizmodo website.

And the lightest 7 inch tab, TV receiver included. You can unfold a full antenna...

Once again Firefox OS - or should I say "Firafox OS" to fully honor the real hype about the new OS during this years MWC ;-) The new startup "geeksphone" tries to keep away from operators customizations fully supporting independent developers to promote app development at instant.  The are preparing an immediate launch of two different sized smartphones.

Real startup setup. Lots of interest and hundreds of people showing up at their booth.

Tablet / Notpad like developments all over.

Acer tries to get back into the race and still has one of the most advanced ultra compact beamers to offer.

Mobile payment coming up worldwide.

Motorola made some interaction with fair visitors. see yourself.

They also fully informed the visitors, that they give away their picture rights for public viewing...

Nokia still has nice colored phones, nicely combining with Windows surface devices and the fatboy wireless chargers.

...also offering the most comfy seats on the fairground.

Some of LGs promotion ideas looke a bit strange, at least to me ...

The "local hero" Telefonica also heavily promoted Firefox OS, with giving it the most prominent place on their booth.

One of a really more and more upcoming trend is mobile portable hotspots to connect to various networks while travelling around. Simply put in a local simcard and have much cheaper mobiel data as with most roaming data plans offered.

Fujitsu tries to show some backgroud research projects in the mobile domain.

Hidden data transfers encoded in video streams and detected by a smartphone app. Visual tags...

Or using a normal built in webcam to use it as a virtual keyboard emulator.

Also simplification for elderly users is in focus. One of the simplest homescreens I saw on MWC.

GSMA experts discussing the new RCS features, like Joyn.

We have to come to an end now. So some last impressions.

Leaving the place and getting wet. No more sunny skies. But a bit warmer in the end.

It was a real exciting experience to show up at this years MWC. Just meet up with so many people fully involved in the mobile business was a pleasure. Networking is at its best on this show. And 72.000 visitors is for sure a nice proof of interest.