Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

CeBIT 2011 First Impressions

I just had planned to have some look "behind the scenes" on the day of arrival in Hannover, but I got some cool pictures to share and lots of impressions on the new devices triggered by the Tegra 2 chipset of NVIDIA.

I had so much to play with today: a sample of the LG Optimus, the Atrix and even the Laptop docking station for it, the Asus convertible Pad, the eee Pad Transformer, the nuew Toshiba Pad and lots more. I am really impressed.

But - to be honest - Steve Jobs has stolen the whole show again with his today's introduction of the iPad 2, which again is a big step forward in the "Pad-Space" after having seen the official video.

But on thing was really different. The Atrix connected to the Laptop dock. This was just amazing. Just to think about a scenario in which you always have your laptop with you. It is just your phone! and as soon as you connect it to a bigger screen you get back to "laptop mode" with a full browser. This is, waht I really like!

For sure, there is today's T-Online homepage on screen. So you can trust me that I really was able to use it myself today... The Firefox browser really looked like the original. Motorola is integrating some Unbuntu-like apps into the Atrix, hope they will come up with developer tools asap. Fild browser and Facebook app were to be seen at the bottom line, too. You should be albe to see this by clicking on the pics.

The "tablet stigma" also fully arrived at the Asian vendor scene. Nearly any size processor speed and price is available and ready to be pushed into the market.

Lots of impressions, and even a live music act I could enjoy. Laura Dione on stage. Took some nice pictures.

All in all lots of new impressions and "first time" experiences. CeBIT is still worth visiting ;-)

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