Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Motorola Atrix and Xoom in Action

just found a nice video showing the new Motorola Atrix and Xoom device in action demoed by Joshua Topolsky.

Have fun!

CeBIT 2011 Highlight: Meeting Chris Pirillo

Hi all, this post will be in English as my main announcement will be be about a special international guest I will meet at CeBIT.

Chris Pirillo will be one of the Keynote speakers during the Global Conference program. He is officially announced at the CeBIT website for Friday, March 4 as " Internet Celebrity and Founder of " and will talk about "The importance of Communication and Communities".

I contacted Chris upfront and he send me a very personal intro I want to share here and now with my community.

Chris is to me a real phenomenon: he is so active in producing lots of comments and tons of video footage about nearly anything, thats of interest to him and he would like to share. He is a real committed "Geek" and I like his way of interacting with the community and his direct, personal way to talk about things happening from day to day. If you want to read more about him just klick through to the about tab on his website and find some impressive details and figures.

So he is also part of my day to day life as I am following his feed on Twitter and I had lots of fun watching his personal clips. It started a while ago, when I was looking for apps and comments on the Chumby devices, which was one of the first community driven application platforms.

Many clips showing him just sitting at home talking about things like, "Which camcorder is best?"

One of the last heavily viewed clips published about a week ago was about the news and rumors around Steve Jobs' health.

So I am really exited to meet with him in person at CeBIT for the first time. I warmly welcome him coming to Europe and I hope to spend some time with him next week.

So to recap: Dont miss the chance to see

Chris Pirillo's talk 

on the Global Conference on CeBIT 2011,

Friday, 4th of March starting at 10:45
taking place at the Convention Center (CC) 

hope to see you there and enjoy an interesting keynote.

Chris, we will meet there and will for sure have some fun!

Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

CeBIT 2011 Erste Vorschau

Jetzt ist es bald wieder soweit: Hannover wird zum Zentrum der IT Welt. Die CeBIT ist und bleibt eine große Messe mit recht hoher internationaler Beteiligung und Wahrnehmung. Auch wenn sie zunehmend in der Vielfalt der bedeutenden Messen unter Druck gerät, weil sie einst die Universalmesse im Bereich Kommunikation und IT war und sich etwas schwer tut, einen neuen "Universal-Anstrich" zu bekommen.

Nicht zuletzt soll auch das Format der Global Conferences mit Keynotes und dem möglichen direkten Austausch mit den Referenten für etwas Belebung sorgen. Technoradar ist wieder als Exklusiv-Blogger mit dabei. Strom und WiFi Zugang währen der Vorträge sind also gesichert. Mal sehen, wie interessant sich z.B. Hamid Akhavan, jetzt Siemens Enterprise Communications verkaufen werden. 

Die Consumer Electronic Show und der Mobile World Congress haben schon erhebliche Wogen geschlagen. Schon zwei große Events haben die Märkte weltweit mit Nachrichten geflutet und nun wird es schwer, als dritter Trend-Event wahrgenommen zu werden. Es gibt mehr angekündigte neue Smartphones und Tablets, als in diesem Jahr bereits auf dem Markt zu haben sind und die Woge der Tablets ist noich nicht wirklich angekommen. Lediglich das iPad und das Smartphone Tab sind Stand heute lieferbar.

Mit dem Schwund der originären Mobilfunkgeräte-Anbieter auf derCeBIT ist es dann leider auch nix mit dem Anfassen der neuesten Gerätesamples. HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HP, RIM und Motorola sind leider nicht direkt dabei, sondern - wenn überhaupt - nur an Partnerständen zu sehen. Ob man die neuen Produkte dann zu sehen bzw. anfassen bekommt, kann man nur schwer einschätzen.

Wer eher Universalanbieter von Computern und mobilen Devices ist, ist aber selbstverständlich weiter präsent. Acer, Asus, DELL, und Samsung sind mit eigenen Ständen dabei.

Auch bei den Cloud Service Providern ist die Sache nicht ganz eindeutig: Google und IBM sind mit eigenen Ständen dabei, während Microsoft nur auf Partnerständen "mitspielt". Auch Amazon und eBay sind nicht dabei.

Dafür gibt es aber Themenparks wie Smart Home als eigener Bereich oder Web & Media oder CeBIT games. Die Themencluster sind
  • pro (Business Fokus)
  • gov (Public Sector und TeleHealth)
  • life (Hightech Kunden und Profi-Anbieter)
  • lab (Hochschulen, Industrieforschung, Start-Ups)
die die Themen sortieren und gruppieren sollen.

Nicht zu vergessen der CeBIT Run, bei der auf einer 3,5 Kilometer langen Strecke am 3.3. verschiedene Laufdistanzen bis zu Halbmarathon angeboten werden.

Es warten viele Interessante Eindrücke auf die Besucher und es gibt bestimmt viel Neues zu fotografieren und zu berichten.

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Mobile World Congress coming up

With the MWC coming up tomorrow the tablet and platform "fire" will continue to burn and hit the markets. Even if Nokia still had its unique audience announcing the Windows Mobile 7 Microsoft cooperation and more or less dumping Symbian as the platform of choice there is lots of hype going on on the fact, that the mobile handsets are getting more and more the place traditional PC had to leave over to laptops and netbooks recently as the primary "device of desire" for the masses.

TI has announced their next generation dual ARM OMAP 5 platform and I just found an ice video directly delivering visual visions of the things to come. I just wanted to share the video clip with my audience.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Even if some of the scenarios might never become as simple to use as shown it is fun to see what is going to be possible soon, if the mobile devices become as powerful as laptops are today.

This will be the next step towards touch devices become the real center of our digital lifes. We will enjoy to control everything directly from our smartphone. Even the big screens, the TVs and we just use it as a smart display. The software apps will have to keep up with the speed of hardware innovations. But they always did in the past and will drive these usage patterns further ahead. It might feel a little bit like having your laptop in the pocket only needing some link to the big screen, may it be wired HDMI or a wireless connection.

So, what will be the drivers at this years MWC?
  • Smartphones will go mass market
  • the ecosystem and portable OS platform battle will continue
  • multi core mobiles get spread to all major brands and 
  • the tablet flood will continue to swallow the market of announced devices to be available soon
I cannot remember a similar situation in the past for so many comparable new devices being just announced and not available in the stores, like this plethora of tablets. And the announcement of the second generation iPad still to come in a few month. The rumors get louder and louder but this will not be part of the MWC news stream.

So this years presentations and announcements will be relevant for our coming summertime vacations and we all love to share this vision of more coloured and blinking touch devices being in our hands making our digital life becoming more and more integrated into our day to day experiences. Lots of fun to come, be it videos, photos, games, locations or whatever we might get interested in.

Not to forget, that mobile communications like Facebook recently were driving the political change more than any other medium. But thats another story.