Freitag, 4. März 2011

CeBIT Day 3 Global Conferences

Back again, pretty cold outside, but today is my Global Conferences Day. Nice and warm seating in the auditorium. Nice AC plugs for bloggers, excellent WiFi Coverage, so a quite reasonable start of the day.

Just on the way to the conference center, some impressions first.

Unfortunately I did not meet Mr. Watson "in person", he was too shy to get exposed to all the interested visitors at the same time, so I just had to live with some offline demo showing his performance in the well known contest.

The difference to "Deep Blue" in the chess turnament is, that Watson is running on standard hardware, about 10 big racks of actual IBM servers and only the programming is very specific to compete with humans in Jeopardy! 

Did I already mention, that is was really cold this morning?

Coming to the Conference Area it was really crowded and lots of people waiting for their registration.

The day was introduced professionally including the live streaming audience and I am eager to see the XING CEO and Chris in person!

Very young and quite focussed. Mentioned the new Android app (relaunched last week) as one of the actual highlights, as the first version was quite - lets say simple - .

And there he is: Chris Pirillo on stage! Moving fast as all his creative blogs. Hard to take some good pictures of him moving across the stage.

Started to describe his understanding of communities by telling the crowd, that he is living in Seattle and liking to drink lots of good coffee, which is supposed to be a big community ;-)

Hope to ba able to upload a short video clip soon.
Made it even in High Res! See below...

So, just uploaded the as is original video to let you share it in near realtime. Just as an example for involvement he outs himself having more than 700 apps on his iPhone and he is willing to prove it...

Lots of his ideas are around the very human behavior and the passions of people that in the end make up the social communities. Without real inner commitment of their members no communities will make sense.

Q&A was partial about the free or not free internet usage and content. Even on some of the published content is not for free. But Chris was getting to the point, that no one will be willing to pay for content or communications which is available for free, too.

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