Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

CES 2011 My Virtual Look Back

This year's CES just happend overseas without my direct attendance. So I had to try to get some direct feedback from some friends and stick to everything, that was made available on the net. Some first postings I already did but now it's time to sum up the results.

The photos I got are just a few and are mostly taken with mobile phones. But I like to include some and not to post text only. Special thanks to my friends allowing me to post them here.

I found a very good report on PC Magazine and I deeply recommend to read the whole article, because it really describes the essential movement taking place these days.

The biggest single theme was the flood of tablets being announced. Apple's iPad really inspired the whole device industry to come up with something being it sized from 7 to 12 inch and powered by any processor concept  and operating system available on the market. Android got the bigest chunk, but Windows and QNX try to compete and even HP announced to come up with something, even if lots of details remained hidden, as the even the Android tablet release (codenamed Honeycomb) is not available yet and one of the most exiting tablets, the Motorola Xoom was just demoed playing out videoclips showing some animated screens of the new release.

Tablets were really shiny this year
The Playbook seemed nearly production ready

Super Phones
NVIDIA proudly presented the first phone using their Tegra 2 Chipset. The keynote / press conference was really impressive and watching the stream is really interesting. The ease, the built in HDMI interface can offer to show your new photos on a big screen is amazing. Tegra 2 was even announced last year, but this time devices are really available. And forget stuttering built up of flash loaded web pages. The combination of enough CPU power and excellent graphics acceleration have some deep impacts and create desire to own such a device. Not to forget the Motorola Atrix with its new usage mode when connected to a large screen. A full Firefox browser comes up and offers the full browser experience as on any laptop or PC. This is getting very close to Google's ideas on Chrome OS but just integrated in a complete different hardware. No new device, just your super phone docked to a bigger display and maybe a keyboard connected and you are done.

Plugin your Atrix smartphone and use the big screen and keyboard. Nice

Connected TV
I do not remember a similar amount of announcements of big TV content players to get their place directly inside a TV set. There will be still a lot of cheap external boxes, some streaming only ones and a lot of connected BluRay players to come but the big impact will come from all the TV screens with its embedded connectivity. Samsung still got their TV appstore in place and just announced its second million of app downloads. A small figure today, but lots of success to come. Even if the content markets still keep separated, regional variants will be possible but a lot of real over the top offerings will be possible without changing the connected TV platforms. The only problem will be to create a big enough app platform not limited to on manufacturer only. This will be the challenge of the coming years but why shouldn't it be possible to develop similar to the mobile smartphone market. Let's wait and see.

CES 2011 was truely an interesting and exiting one. It was the first time, that lots of non pure consumer electronic parts (like the tablets and super phones) were announced during this show. Not leaving very much to come i.e. for the Mobile World Forum in February. But the industry is agile and vivid and we will see so much new stuff this year coming to the mobile world of gadgets. This year might change a lot again.

Hope to be there next year!!

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

CES 2011 Samsung's Keynote

First of all, the whole keynote can be streamed on the CES-Website under the Boo-Keun Yoon link.

The whole presentation was focussing on SmartTV showing the developments Samsung went through the last few years and giving some outlook on actual developments.

A good link on the overall content is available at Slashgear and some nice comments including a short commented set of photos on Business Insider. Lots of partnerships with DIRECTV, Comcast, Warner Cable and Hulu were announced showing the big focus the Korean company has to the US market. Another article based on the press conference can be accessed here.

Essential part of the Samsung's strategy seems to be the Adobe cooperation bringing Flash Air to the TVs to fully enable Flash streaming and animations to the big screen. Boo-Keun Yoon also mentioned the full browser experience Flash 10.1 enables. There was no information about the browser technology being used, but it seemed as if a full browser will be included in the new SmartTV series.

Quote from the original Samsung press release:
“Adobe is a key partner for Samsung and we are thrilled to be the first TV manufacturer to support Adobe AIR across the Samsung Smart TV platform”. Samsung also announced plans to bring Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to its Smart TV browser, extending the company’s current support for Flash Player 10.1 on Samsung smartphones and tablets. With the addition of Flash Player 10.1, users will enjoy a more complete web browsing experience on the TV, with access to millions of websites with rich videos, games and other multimedia content.

The keynote was headlined by Human Digitalism, Samsung's view on a more personal and human lifestyle oriented way to improve device technologies.

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Will Dual Core Smartphones Change Our Usage Patterns ?

Just saw a very impressive video by Engadget showing the new Motorola Atrix 4G HD multimedia dock and laptop dock hands-on. The shown experience is pretty much like plugging a laptop into your docking station and doing your work. The difference is, that you just plug in your smartphone!

All interactions are based on an integrated Firefox browser holding and keeping all your active and opened tabs active even in the the mobile state. so this is a real "surf and go" experience. I am really eager in getting one of those devices into my hands, just to understand how seamless the experience gets with that scenario.

If it will just get near to the impressions on this demo, this might have som huge impact on further business and home scenarios shifting away completely from PC-like usage patterns. If you have some time left, just watch the video!

Some first technical details can be found on the Motorola website, even if I doubt the device will support 1020p ;-) !

CES Impressions Steve Ballmer’s Keynote

To make a long story short: just jump into the VoD and start at minute 38 and you will get all the „gadget relevant” info you like in 10 minutes. The first two blocks were on X-Box and Windows Phone 7 and did not show too much new things. But if you like, you can for sure go for it at start from the beginning as I did. 

  • The next Windows release will be brought to the ARM platform. First demos show smooth operation of 3 chipsets based on the ARM architecture. There were no announcement on when the new platform will be made available for developers but it will for sure boost up the developments of new non INTEL based mobile devices with more focus on PC-like features.
  • Surface was shown on new improved HW allowing smaller form factors and direct scanning of your finger gestures using infrared, if I got that right. Just watch the demo.
  • Kinect was a big part in the very first presentation ending up in avatar Kinect, a new reatime animated avatar feature that was announced to be launched X-Box Live customers this spring. Just got to the link below the VoD on the Microsoft page.
The keynote made it quite clear, that Microsoft is really eager on getting back on the bandwagon of all the new upcoming mobile devices, my it be netbooks or any kind of pads or midsize tablets. And if they deliver on their promises, there might be some good chance to at least get back some influence in the device scenario.

My 2011 CES Blog Update

I could not make it to CES this year. But anyhow I want to keep you all connected and I will try to do my best to reflect on the things going on out there in Vegas. Feel free to comment and give additional input to me, I will try to work out some interesting views.