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Goodbye CEO Steve

It was about to come for a while. Steve Jobs "retirement" from being CEO was not really unexpected. His off times increased over the last months and during his last keynote it was visible, that he has lost some of his energy.

Steve was one of the real giants in the IT world. Heavily consumer focused, demanding to be always the best on features and design. I read the book "iCon" - also available as e-book at least on Amazon ;-) - a while ago and it ends before the start of the iPhone story. And even until that point of time his success story was incredible. Even if he never was the "nice guy", his attitude on understanding technologies and their market potential has led his company to become one of the two most successful enterprises of the world. A world record in the IT and consumer sphere.

And he has given the world a lot. The start of the smartphone generation would have been completely different without his energy, vision and will to compete.

So all w…