Freitag, 4. März 2011

CeBIT Day 3 more things

In the end it was a great day, meeting lots of people and discussing the new trends coming up.

A bit disappointed by the Xtreamer team, as the new device announced upfront was just a cold demo and not running.

The new box is announced to become available in April, we will see whether they can keep up with their plans.

USB 3.0 getting finally through to the market. From USB Sticks to external graphics cards there is a lot to come as the significantly higher speed give room to lots of new / better features for peripherals.

So to come to an end i finished up at the Telekom booth. Lots of new devices to get in direct touch. The Motorola Xoom, the new Sony Xperia Play Phone and all the actual devices of Samsung, HTC ...

... and - not to forget - Nokia. But the crowds did not show up at the nice Nokia stand.

Even HTC is trying to get into the tablet space. A nice 7 inch device was on display.

So after the formal closing of the exposition day lots of action and music was coming up in the one and the other hall and I ended up in some nice talks with Sascha Pallenberg about all the new gadgets we saw this year. And the amount of new devices flooding the markets is significant and amazing for us geeks.

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