Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

CeBIT 2011 Connected Living and more

First impressions on my second day on the fairground.

With a big installation in hall 19 and a set of breakout session "Connected Living" is really visible and active this year. Problems of the different innovation cycles and the amount of active players in this field with completely different background, like the good old light switch are discussed in parallel discussion rounds.

The overall complexity toi be managed, the 20 year installation infrastructures versus the 2 year cycle of mobile terminal evolvement do per not match but have to be managed consistently to establish and embrace the home ecosystem.

Questions of user acceptance and real needs are discussed and in the end only the market demand will decide, what type of solutions will prevail or make its way to mass markets.

Not to forget a nice integration developed by Alcatel Lucent. The home plag server on a USB stick. impressive... Got awarded with an innovation award at CES 2011 in January.

But besides this new eco system considerations lots of actual products improve step by step. So besides the first generation HTPCs (Home Theater PCs) now the real PC for the living room reach the market.

As you see on the second pic, the actual ASROCK CoreHT contains a full Core i5 soultion in this real small footprint.

And for all the design freaks and the people that want their living room to stay fully quiet I found some nice solutions developed by a small company offering a full fledged PC without any fan inside.

Looks like a good old high end audio power amp. Just liked it.

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