Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

CES 2014 Second Day of the Show

Latest update: The T-Mobile event, the link to the full video stream is now available. Short version preview of what to expect by TheVerge. Hope the full event recording will be made available soon. Pretty heavy stuff, as they will be paying ETFs of other providers, if the people switch to T-Mobile.

Many newly announced devices and concepts have been tested by lots of tech bloggers and the posts are flooding the networks. Also most of the keynote streams from Monday and Tuesday are available now.

To be honest, the most useful video clips were mostly produced by TheVerge techblog team. I pretty much like their way to interact with the new technolgies and their open opinions on the new technologies presented.

But also Sascha Pallenberg and his team from Mobile Geeks is very active and improving in bringing up actual video clips. It is also one of the few well known tech blogsites fully publishing in German, which I appreciate a lot ;-) He has set up a nice best of the days video collection here called "everything you need to know"...

TheVerges offers a nice collection of  keynotes with their CES 2014 Supercuts series, reducing the clips to a maximum of 5 minutes. Really nice ;-). One of the best so far the Asus press event below.

German car makers showed, that they have their stake in innovative technologies and showed different ideas to the international press. Audi presented a car smartly interacting with the traffic lights of Las Vegas and BMW let some reporters take a quite fast ride on their self driving prototype. TheVerge delivered two nice video clips about the vehicles in action.

MobileGeeks show the "vehicle homepage" of Mercedes, a mobile app driven UI on tablets and smartphones.

TheVerge has casted two Vergecast After Hour releases and will continue tonight with a third one. Much tech small talk and opinion making. Not every episode too informative but a good feedback on impressions taken at the show.

Not to forget the full Yahoo keynote, which is now available online. Has got a big slot on TheVerge's After Hour from Monday. Sorry, that the video cannot be embedded here.

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