Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Updated: CES 2014: Devices and Technologies

Even if most of the Tech websites expressed some disappointment about the announcements coming up on CES 2014, I tried to bring up some news about products coming to market soon.

So to sum up:
  • 4 k TV and even PC screens made a lot of noise, even if I doubt them to become market dominance, soon. They may be coming to the PC space sooner than in to the TV set.
  • TV innnovations besides 4k were focussing on the UI. The two most important announcements were the Roku TV, which means Roku software becomes part of the generic UI and WebOS on LG TV sets, offering a new user experience to control the TV channels and the smart TV functions.
  • Low cost smartphones open up the next price barriers. Prices even for high quality brand fall below 100 USD. This will make feature phones completely obsolete.
  • Lots of wearable announcements. Nearly every well known brand in sports or consumer electronics now offers a least a wristband or similar tracking devices. Not to forget the smart socks.
  • Smart watches went to the next level: Either getting very cheap at Archos - starting at only 49 USD - or more becoming stylish, like the new pebble steel. Lets wait and see, whether and when Apple might join up here.
  • New sleek devices from Lenovo: The Thinkpad 8 tablet and the Beacon Home Cloud, a NAS optimized for smartphone usage and built in TV HDMI Connector.

4K Streaming for YouTube:
One of the big announcements of Google for CES 2014 was the VP9 update for YouTube to support 4k streaming. This Google VP9 Codec for UHD wil be supported even by at least 19 hardware partners, as described here

Roku TV: 
Instead of bringing up even more external boxes Roku announced cooperations with TV manufacturers TCL an Hisense. Details can be found in the Roku blog

WebOS for LG TVs
The new UI and remote control to watch TV smarter.

Asus: Low cost Zenfone series smartphones 4, 5, 6 and the first transformer netbook with duos OS support. A bunch of new low cost smartphones based on INTEL chipsets were announced by ASUS. They will be marketed in Europe, too. See the press conference showing all the new devices coming up this year

Wearables and Gadgets
Big fuzz about new devices coming quite close to you:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Pebble Steel: The second generation smartwatch just looking much more like a classic wristwatch, with all the smartness of the original Pebble.

The Chinese company made some interesting announcements. See the Thinkpad Tablet 8 with lots of horsepower in a relatively small device.

and the Lenovo Beacon, a NAS made for TV and smartphone connectivity (the following German showed the most UI-explanations).

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