Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

CES 2014 The first official day of the show

Following announcement monday today the exhibition has opened. All the announced devices can now be found at all the booths and special theme areas.

It was not too many new things coming up today so I want to focus on some few things I found interesting.

LG is trying to revive WebOS they bought out of HP. They seem to be serious about introducing a complete new UI concept to all of their new TV sets. As there is not much room let to differentiate in mass markets this might be a way to keep sales on high levels.

The UI was only demoed so far and you could not interact yourself with the remote, but the screen animation look interesting and maybe users will like it. We will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile LG shows the new UI live at their booth. Make up your mind yourself.

Sphero 2B
A real nice extension of the Sphero product line. One of the nicest gadgets I heard of for CES 2014 so far. Seems to be faster and even cheaper than the Sphero 2.0 ball. Also found a nice video at

Sony tries to get into the fitness tracking devices league. The first gadget is called "The Core" you cann carry it in a wrist band. The video shows parts of the press conf yesterday. Distributed by

WeMo Light Bulbs:
Could not find a first video about the new product, but a good article from TechCrunch.


Smartwatch from Archos:
Archos will offer three different smartwatches sporting different screen technologies starting from 50 USD to about 150 USD. Completely new range of devices at low prices. Found a first demo clip from Mobile Geeks. Availability still open, but the samples seemed to work properly.

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