Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Updated: CES 2014 Connected Home Snippets

As there is much fuzz going around on new connected home features I tried to collect them on this page.

First is on Samsung's Connected Home Demo including the use of the  Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Next to come is Qualcomms CES promo

Archos seems to be also trying to get into the connected home. The connected objects clip contains a lot of smart home devices including a weather station.

SmartThings again showed their vision of the connected home in their own home.

Finally I found one of the first Belkin WeMo LED demo videos. Was not an easy one. Not from the show, but with some animation and app demo. Published by USAtoday.

To complete the WeMo sory, I just found a German interview on the actual product line. Enjoy (all the non Germans, please forgive, but the pictures should speak for themself ;-) ).

And for our English only I also found a BBC interview with Belkin.

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