Samstag, 25. September 2010

A day with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

First of all I have to say, that I had different experiences with devices on the IFA fare and then a longer experience with a pre sample and I mix up both impressions here. But I was so impressed compared to the iPads tests I did before, that I just wanted to share the results with all the geeks, that are looking for the ultimate "Superphone" or "Smartphone ".

After my first experience with the EVO4 I got in June on the Google I/O I began to realize, that there is more to come in the range between the usual phones we know today - like the iPhone 3GS or even the 4 - and the ultimate touch device, the iPad. It's so impressively large but also a bit too heavy and uncomfortable to hold for longer usage. I still completely stand to my results of my previous blogs on these devices, but I have to say, that the next step of the revolution is now getting in our hands!

Starting my journey at the IFA, where I first met my new friend, the Samsung Pad. I had to wait in line for some minutes and then I had my first 30 minutes with it. Browsing to any website including any video content was just as fast as with any laptop and enlarging articles an klicking links was just easy going. The movies played smoothly even if you scrolled through the web pages, full screen modes were excellent and the YouTube HD movie trailers I always try out on any new device run perfectly.

On the Deutsche Telekom booth I then tried some of DTs existing android apps on the Tab and had the impression, that the Tab runs those apps developed with smaller screen size in mind much better and with less impacts to the visual quality of the UI as those on the iPad with its 2x compatibility mode emulator.

So I tried to get my hands on the device for a longer while and this weekend I finally succeeded.

The baseline concept and it's just moderate modifications of the UI make the first minutes of usage real fun. The sometimes upcoming typing delay with the software keyboard will hopefully just be part of the pre version software stack. In general the device exactly does what a medium experienced Nexus One user would expect from just an about 3 times bigger device. 

Compared to the iPad to me it's amazingly better for interactive use. Sitting around and do some typing is real fun as you can hold it and type perfectly in my preferred dual thumb typing mode.
Browsing of even complex pages is a smooth ride and the twin tab enlargement of articles works well. 

Copying content to the Tab is as easy as on all Android phones I tested so far. The built in Gallery software works great and watching your digital photos work well, even if you copy your original full size pics to the device. 

USB connections can be used to exchange data with the device and the removable MicroSD card. Shifting music, photos and videos is easily done by simply copying the content onto the Tab as with any Android device.

Some simple Office emulation tools are preinstalled to allow at least the editing of existing documents. There will for sure come more apps in this direction as soon as the new tab device class gets some footprint on the market.

After all I like this half sized pad a lot more the the bigger one. Easier to hold an type, full smartphone compatibility and the more open concept of the Adnroid platform make me give this thing a "more likable"attribute over its competing larger tablets I got in my fingers so far.

I hope, this device will be available soon and quickly enhance the platform of "Superphones" and their corresponding tablet optimized apps on the Android platform.

For more multimedia clips on the Tab see also

All pictures and video clips linked or embedded are taken from the official Samsung websites or links posted there.

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