Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

CES the Third

Dear all. Sorry for not posting more than one photo tonight. Will try to get more to see tomorrow.

Was an intense and interesting day but more at individual breakouts at diverse suites and with some more confidential stuff.tthart

But one was impressing me a lot: The suites in the Venetian on High End Audio. One of my long term deep professions before I switched to communications. And I still love it!

So see this real great and amazingly performing handmade German speaker delivering 107 dB / Watt. Driven by an also handcrafted dual class A power amp delivering 2 x 7 Watts only but blowing away lots of other audiophile solutions.  This was definitively my "gadget of the day"!!!

See how impressive these speakers look alike. Built by avantgarde acoustic. Unfortunately the website is  only in German so far, but dont hesitate: Just click on the absolutely remarkable video included.on the main page. That one is telling the whole story in English with German titles... Strongly recommended...

This is it for tonight! More to come tomorrow...

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