Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

CES First Day Delayed

Just read my short notes on the keynote of today. Just saw the video available on Microsofts website, as my flight from Frankfurt in the end had a delay of about 6 hours and I missed the live keynote today. Hotel internet connections speed is also not very promising, even if I could watch the keynote video, but uploads take much time.

Some impressions of the day anyhow.


Since 1995 Microsoft was present at all CES shows with the first keynote of the event.
This years will at least be the last consecutive one.

Windows phone 7 coming first with big halali on consumer oriented thinkig.
Derek Sneider giving a live demo on groups etc. With animated Live tiles. Mentioning compatibility to FB messenger and Live Messenger and thread based aggregation of communications with persons / individuals. Opentable shown as great example for third party apps.

Manufacturers mentioned, with special focus on the US market launches announced at CES
Nokia 720 by T-mobile, 900 b y AT&T

Windows PCs as a constantly changing market. But not abandoning older products still in use.

Tami Reller doing her best demoing Windows 8 with a dynamic lockscreen including push notifications and fullscreen apps. Demo was shown on a tegra 3 chipset prototype hardware. Windows Appstore shown, too. HTML 5 based gaming app “Cut The Rope”. Take all your apps on all windows 8 devices you use. Metro style browser as plugin free environment.

Late February next Windows 8 major developer update to come!

Ultrabook hands on demos at the end.
500 mio. Users run Windows 7.

Tweet coir making music in a strange combination of gospel und tech idoms aaaaha arghh.

XBox Demo showing “Voice Search” in VoD titles including the resume command for already started VoD titles. FiOS shown and some new xbox apps fox VoD. Xbox overall the "all in one entertainment device for the living room".

Sesame street as fully interactve tv format including demo with a small girl. Throw a coconut into my box... No further comment... All done by Kinect and Kinect coming to Windows in February!

Sync in Ford since 2004 and upcoming volumes. Office 2010 best selling office bundle ever.
Skype with 200 Mio users and increasing call volumes.

Whats next? Metro on all devices!
Ballmer live: “Metro will drive the new magic!!” “Metro Metro Metro!!!”

All in all, I think it is a good idea to have a break on Microsoft keynotes @ CES.
We can live without it, for sure. ;-)

Must get some sleep now.

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