Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

CES Day 4

Some more to see today. Traffic reduced a little bit. Seems like the "big run" is over and first visitors are on the leave.Wheather was nice yesterday and today and I just had to take some impressions of this clear blue skies again.

Again briefings in some hotels outside the main fairground. Netgear rented suites just across the road at the Marriot.

Proudly presented their new integrated NAS-Router. Named Media Storage Router. Built in 3,5 ' disk and simultaneous 2,4 and 5 GHz WiFi. Best of 2012 CNET finalist.

Also quite active is a development team to do integrations of app frameworks into the actual lineup of Routers and NAS devices (up to the top end 8 bay drives). The idea is to even allow apps to be downloaded based on an appstore and to create an SDK framework for their devices. This allows even integration of remote connected data sources and to enrich the devices with additional services after the deployment.

A fully working Home Control Solution developed together with the company icontrol is named Home Security Screen (model HSS101). It is a fixed Android tablet (no batteries, just A/C powered) but connected over WiFi with the home control devices. Alarm system, heating control and surveillance cam support included.

Back on the main floor Motorola showed off the actual phones and tablets.

The Atrix 4 dock concept was enhanced to allow nearly all actual smartphones to be connected to this lapdock. It just has a screen, keyboard, mouspad and additional batteries built in and allows full screen browsing with a true Linux based Firefox browser.

If you are more interesed in using a TV screen the Media Dock can be used also. An optimized keyboard with built in trackpad is also available. Also offering the full Firefox browsing features.

Microsoft continued to promote Windows Phone OS equipped smartphones. And also the Skydrive cloud service had its own stand.

Just at the opposite side of the booth INTEL is showing its new reference platform smartphone design codenamed Z2460 featuring an embedded Atom processor. The reference design runs with Android 2.3 and showed real fast and fluid HD and graphics rendering.

This was my "gadget of the day" and I had some time to play with it inside the INTEL booth. During Tuesday's INTEL keynote two development partners were announced: Lenovo and Motorola will built new smartphones based on this new chipset design. Carrier certification shall start in Q2 so we could see the first models coming to the stores end of this year. I am convinced, that based on this improved design the first generation of INTEL Atom core based smartphones will become reality.

The main story of this year's CES out of INTEL's view was Ultrabook. And a nice little "scandal" with a demo shown by Moody Eden during the initial press conference fully included. I joined a similar event yesterday and I can assure to have seen some real live demos on Ivy bridge, the chipset used in the ultrabook design. My German fellows might look up more details on

All in all there is for sure a possible market for slim and light high performing laptops. Whether it will be as important as the INTEL fellows expect can be doubted.

Cisco had also decided to keep of the regular convention centers and rented a two floors in the Venetian tower. We had some nice demos there, but I am not sure, where they might have shown some NDA stuff, so I just include an atmospheric pic.

In the evening today I had another meeting with Thee produce some interesting WiFi media sticks you can directly connect with Android smartphones and the USB port of a TV or BluRay player device. I additions the just launched an ultra small media player for an attractive price of only 49 $. The direct order response on their website was phenomenal, they said.

At the end of a long day Las Vegas returns to it's nightly spectacles and crowded casinos....

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