Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

CES Second Day Full Start

Today was the official opening of CES 2012 exhibition. Lots of traffic all over with some transportation overload in the morning. Fortunately this time not for me. Just got a fresh and fast ride to Las Vegas Covention Center (LVCC). Wheather was perfect.

I was even  on the show floor before the official opening and some booths were still asleep.

And I found the perfect US plug for gadget freaks. Dual USB chargers included. I expect these designs to become a common feature of plugs in the near future.

Or what about your computer built completely waterproof? Fanless designs are avaialble at least for thin client workstations.

Belkin showed off some new home connectivity stuff. Just plug the in (as the above mentioned ones but with smart additions. Built in WiFi plus logic allows remote control with smartphone apps also developed to interwork with these plugs. Simple but efficient.

For advanced comfort also available with automatic motion detection

Tons of new enhanced STB and digital audio player designs. These ones from Awox, a french company also with embedded DLNA server features. So you can just attach USB drives and control them remotely with your DLNA smartphone apps or special optimized apps for devices.

The Connections Summit started withthe Smart TV 2012 Outlook interactive session. Good insights from Rovi (woking with SAMSUNG on legal DVD copies), LG b(with their full set of enhance Smart TV features like voice control) and an expert from Best Buy. Peaople interested in more details should have a look to Park Associates's website.

Interesting is, how strong tablets have penetrated to the audience. You nearly see no more laptops in these sessions but lots of tabs in various packages.

At least one proof, that I am here in person and not catching my info remotely ;-)

NVIDIA showing new fully digital instrunment clusters in devleopment with the automotive industry.

CNET editors live at a nice interactive booth in LVCC.

And Marvell being proudly presenting thier new partnership with google as reference platform for Google TV.

Love this blue skies...

INTEL showed nice developments on new embedded chipsets optimized for gateways offering full virtualization support. So you can have more than one logical machine / app running completely independant of another. If there are issues, updates or crashes, there is no impact to other virutal machines running in parallel. A huge step towards more robustness and stability for enhanced gateways.

Also a first sample of the next gen fanless Berryville platform to be announced soon.

 Celeno showed an interesting amaount of new or in development products. Powerful WiFi solutions with enhanced reach and robustness.

The USB stick is a real 3 antenna design....

Food also offered outside.

Amazing amount of i-Device accessories.

iShower and iGrill fully working products!

Nokia trying it comeback to the US market with a new series of US optimized Windows Phone 7 devices and the freshly announced Lumia 900 model developed for AT&T.

Or what about a fully selfcontained Skype cam for your TV. Based on NVIDIAs Tegra 2 chipset running Android and HD video cam. Great device. My device of the day!

Also impressive: Swiss Knife with 1, yes a full TB storage! Expensive, but impressive, what these swiss guys develop.

Getting tired again. More to come tomorrow!

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