Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

WebRTC arriving in browsers and web apps

Short intro: WebRTC at this point of time only works with the most actual Chrome and Firefox browsers. So be sure to get them first ;-) And not to forget: You need a webcam and a microphone to get it running.

Thought it would take some more time to make it to the market. But this is going to take a fast ride, as it is so simple to generate web apps for direct communications.

Found as a first commercial service provider. Had to try it out.

The following script should be able to connect you to a videolink showing yourself in a browser with a preconfigured script I justed pasted into the page. Just test it out. If more than one connects at the same time you should see all videostreams above one another in "conferencing mode" ...

No idea, how you all will look like...

But to get it more in a conversational mode, I will try to imbed a call-button, too.

So lets see, whether it might work. Even if I'm not online, I will at least receive a message, who tried to call me. Just try it ...

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