Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Chromecast the "big surprise" with built in WebRTC

When I made my last blogpost on WebRTC and some code embedding, I did not know how far Google is on its way to make distinct use of the underlying technology.

With the actual announcement of Chromecast this is getting quite clear: WebRTC will be used by Google to share screen or better browser tab content on the TV screen. THEVERGE is describing Googles setup of the Chromecast dongle in this article and for the time being it is the first embedded product I know of, that is explicitly making use of this new technology. Google has also set up a direct link to promote the new device.

Some first reviews of the Chromecast dongle are available online like this one

or this one

Not to forget a first review of the German IT news website:

This actual development shows once again, that these new direct communication technologies will have some deep impact on offered communication services. It has never been so easy and simple to include direct communication features in web applications. And the full potential of these technologies is by far not reached by this first tiny product.

I am really keen on seeing more and more implementations around WebRTC and will try to keep you posted on the real exciting news ;-)

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