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Mobile World Congress Day 2

Even if you wake up and still don't feel your feet you have to walk again...

First new gadget of the day was the new Asus Tablet or better Phablet, one of the definitively biggest phones today, as the old Samsung 7-incher is no longer available.

It will be available soon using one of the smallest INTEL mobile processors and no LTE support and a serious price tag of only 230 Euro. There will be some minor limitations, as the processor speed will be only 1,2 GHz, but the display is quite the same as in the Nexus 7 also built by ASUS.

Can you hear me clear?

No, it was not as cold as the photo may look like. Ericsson was just checking in registered guest.

One of the key technologies bein really used an MWC 2013 was NFC. All Access passes contain a NFC tag and are use for access control and visitor tracking. and at some few locations also for direct billing, as you can see here.

and skipping any line is very attractive here...

Small breakfast only, but sitting in the sun was nice again.

Some 3D was still on stage, even if this was the only one I saw at least on MWC.

You can shoot 3D using only one lens!

Lots of tables were only showing cameras, but at least WiFi was built in and can even be used for mirroring the photos you take on a tablet or your smartphone. If the not even supports mobile connectivity as with the now well known Galaxy Camera.

Also available in black color now.

Color for the covers are important to differentiate the devices and are on display everywhere.

Home Sync is also a new product cluster as many smartphone suppliers realize, that one of the key customer problems is the integration into the home sphere. So they offer solutions. Samsung with a little different approach, than Sony, but also quite interesting.

Home cloud, home sync, home share. All the things you need...

And all working one on one, at least if you use Samsung devices. I personally do not believe, that the majority of customers will buy into that story at instant. Standards will be needed and rolled out consistently. But in the end configuration management will more complex and thus maybe getting back the customers to single brand solutions.

Besides a retail NFC solutions SAMSUNG also presented its own smart NFC approach for their devices. If you download an app you can define the device reaction - like starting the music player if you touch a given tag. Tag are self adhesive and are sold with a solution box containing a reasonable number of tags.

You always need some coloured objects to allow testing of the built in cam functions.

Huawei got the price of the day for its nicest dolls an display.

or do you prefer the living objects?

Some dancing was also presented

Had a real nice meeting with the GIGAOM CEO. They want to extend their reach to Europe and are in talks with lots of possible partners. Excellent team working on lots of ongoing trends and just stepping itno the analyst business. Real interesting approach for a company initially based on a pure blog experience.

Paul Walborsky and his staff at the Deutsche Telekom booth. We had a real fruitful conversation. Hope to get in a  more direct business relationship soon. GIGAOM is one of THE permanent links in my bookmarks to get access to new an intersting stuff on new technologies and trends. I can really recommend them as a good and consistent information source.

Some more news to go? Sure.

Always like to watch the crowds. So many different individuals walking by you may never meet again.

ZTE also demoed the cord based screen mirroring making use of MHL the extension of the Micro USB connector.

They even have a first Windows 8 tablet coming to market soon.

Qualcomm is not only showing their new Snapdragon 800 chipsets but also have a convincing showcase on their booth delivering automated LTE broadcasts to devices. If more than one smartphone accesses the same video stream, the new system platform automatically switches over to a broadcast / multicast datastream. Read more about this showcase at the Qualcomm newspage.

Not to forget Qualcomms IoE initiative. By the way: Are you "born mobile" ? ;-)

My flowers of the day...

Deutsche Telekom had a full booth this year after some years of smaller participation.

And bright nice guys fully engaged to deliver the actual corporate messages and to represent the Telekom Laboratories with all the new project ideas.

But there was also the Firefox OS presentations and the developer garden (did you realize the tree on the booth, standing for DT's developer garden plants?).

Not to forget INTEL, not only present for the developers at a special booth but also proudly presenting their growing hardware share in the mobile markets.

Even if the concept is a bit older, Ford is trying to get SYNC to the European markets also working with lots of apps based partnerships. If you include some SDK libraries into your app you can make use of the smart features the voice controls SYNC has to offer.

Also Spotify has integrated these APIs to allow for more secure in car music listening.

The connected city showcase also had some highlights to offer.

KT had a loud and fully colored booth there showing freaky and serious apps in a nice mixture.

Smart robots and a full tablert based POS system side by side.

Not to forget some really "active" presentations at the same location...

And again and again the Sphero balls. I really want to get some for my showroom, too...

More new tech on display at LGs booth, where they have a live demo of "Wireless ULTRA HD streaming". Whow, I always like these crystal clear displays. Pure HD gets a bit crappy, isn't it?

A separate table for the pure Android geeks and the Nexus 4 made by LG.

And China Mobile coming to Europe with a real impressive presence at the MWC and one of the biggest displays at the fair.

They really understand the business opportunities and will play a distinct role in the fast growing markets.

And there were even guides to find your way out...

Back again where I started in the morning.

But there was another event, I joined up tonight.

They were presenting a live video broadcast of the match of today, Barca against Real in the national Spanish cup. Nice to see the match in this club like atmposphere. Never watched a live match with club music overlay...

Unfortunately Barca lost the match and I was facing lots of really disappointed and sad Barca fans in the Metro on my way back to my apartment.

See the third view of the same building today...

More to come tomorrow.

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