Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

CeBIT 2011 Highlight: Meeting Chris Pirillo

Hi all, this post will be in English as my main announcement will be be about a special international guest I will meet at CeBIT.

Chris Pirillo will be one of the Keynote speakers during the Global Conference program. He is officially announced at the CeBIT website for Friday, March 4 as " Internet Celebrity and Founder of " and will talk about "The importance of Communication and Communities".

I contacted Chris upfront and he send me a very personal intro I want to share here and now with my community.

Chris is to me a real phenomenon: he is so active in producing lots of comments and tons of video footage about nearly anything, thats of interest to him and he would like to share. He is a real committed "Geek" and I like his way of interacting with the community and his direct, personal way to talk about things happening from day to day. If you want to read more about him just klick through to the about tab on his website and find some impressive details and figures.

So he is also part of my day to day life as I am following his feed on Twitter and I had lots of fun watching his personal clips. It started a while ago, when I was looking for apps and comments on the Chumby devices, which was one of the first community driven application platforms.

Many clips showing him just sitting at home talking about things like, "Which camcorder is best?"

One of the last heavily viewed clips published about a week ago was about the news and rumors around Steve Jobs' health.

So I am really exited to meet with him in person at CeBIT for the first time. I warmly welcome him coming to Europe and I hope to spend some time with him next week.

So to recap: Dont miss the chance to see

Chris Pirillo's talk 

on the Global Conference on CeBIT 2011,

Friday, 4th of March starting at 10:45
taking place at the Convention Center (CC) 

hope to see you there and enjoy an interesting keynote.

Chris, we will meet there and will for sure have some fun!

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