Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Nothing Goes: Google I/O First Day Update

I have to do some updates on the event organization:

At 2 pm the situation changed: Nothing goes. One of the main events, the Fireside Chat with the Chrome developer team, was out of any reach for me. Sure, I was a bit late, but about 20 to 30 people left the room, when I was stranded at the entrance door and just blocked by a young man with a staff T-shirt. A press team with a big camera got in. But not me, the normal attendee. This is no fair use policy! I really have to complain. I now missed two third of my planned programm today as I cpould also not get into the Android intro, because the keynote was delayed. What a shit.

But they are as they are. They do what they like and stick to their policies.  No one was allowed to get in. No way. I could not believe that this is the reality until I realized it sitting on the floor in front of the meeting and always people dropping out. And not getting in.

And the WiFi fully crashed down at least in the 2nd floor. The Wave server collapsed, so the Live Feed of the session was also not available. I think, I should go somewhere else.

I have to change my report: Lots of things are not well organized and you have to be early available for joining sessions. So all the people have to become „lemminge“ and be fast enough to get some direct experiences. No free movement of people. No freedom of choice. The event just was not organized properly. THey let too many poeple in paying their ticket and are not prepared for massess coming to the most important sessions. If this turns out to be true even for the coming day, the will have to improve a lot in the future to be welcomed by "normal" developers or attendees.
We will see, what happens next. Hope that at least the evening is better organized than the session schedule.

Keep you posted.

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