Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Google I/O 2010 Keynote Day 2

It is amazing, how fast this company is moving forward. Todays announcements were focussed on two issues:
  • The new Android Release 2.2 and the
  • Google TV announcement
So let's take Android first.
Lots of incremental improvements, like the JIT (just in time) compiler, that improves the speed up to 3 to 5 times and the possiblitiy to move applications onto the SD card. Added control featurtes to allow remote admin of the devices for corporate usage.
And then the feature I like most: The personal hotpsot. No more Bluetooth tethering. Just setup your own hotspot with your mobile. A feature already offered by some PalmOS and Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Now available for all 2.2 compatible devices.
Not to forget the impressive feature of cloud to device messaging, that allows Android Intents (a special event function of the OS) to be triggered by a web browser. The demo showed the instant forwarding of a maps turn by turn navigation from the browser to an Android handset.

Google TV:
A big new approach to create a TV connected device to enhance your personal TV experience. Google serch available with one click of a button and search results including web and TV EPG based info. Based on the new INTEL SoCs this will be the first platform runnig a full capable Chrome browser (for sure the LINUX based version) and the full Andoid suite in parallel. This allows downloading the full Android Apps portfolio to your TV. Even if some form factor problems of the much larger screen size will occour, this is a very simple way to expand  the reach of the Android ecosystem. And this all together with big brands like Sony, Logitech and INTEL. We will have to wait until the first devices will become available.

If you want t digg deeper, just have a look to the official Google blog of today.

And all Google IO attendees will get a second device to play with: an HTC EVO sponsored by Sprint. Enough gadgets to play with. Even if they might not work in Europe, at least a nice WiFi Gadget.

And finally, the well known photo track to vizualize, what happened. Hope you will enjoy it!

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