Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

AngaCom Cologne Impressions

AngaCom developed from AngaCable and is getting more and more traction. Like a small IBC. Quite focussed on the German market, but also getting some international extensions, as there is a rising amount of international visitors. There are no actual figures available so far, but I felt it being crowded and with lots of groups having good conversations.

Lots of real tech for TV distribution.

Ultra HD on display. 4k or 4 times HD resolution ;-)

Samsung Surround receiver with High End audio components. Two tubes built in.

The big presentation of the "Horizon" STB of Unity Media. The first public demo of the product. Impressive...

The INTEL based Samsung STB has 6 tuners built in, 4 to allow up to 4 recordings and 2 addtional tuners to enable faster channel switching. 500 GB disk built in, not too much. 

The remote is two sided, one with the "normal TV remote layout" and one side with a keyboard for text input.

Full VoD access integrated.

Even access to local LAN data ( seems to be DLNA based) is possible.


Online smart TV apps.

And second screen apps for tablets will be made available (sorry, no further details were presented).

more details on the "Horizon" concept and box to be found here:

Samsung proudly presented the "Horizon box" hardware on their booth. 

Searching for an IP-LNB? 

One of the freshest electronic boxes (or at least most refreshing...)  on the fairground.

From true coppe cables to complex fiber cabinets.

And not to forget the latest TechniSat models.

And the sun was shining on the big terrace, a real nice meeting place.

Harmonic showed some real amazing HEVC demos on TV and tablet screens. This standard will have big market impacts. The 1,5 MBit/s full screen TV scenes looked impressively good. All big providers work on live encoders for H.265, which do not exist today. Some more research is needed ;-)

Thomson also showed some demos on HEVC.

TV set top boxes get smaller everywhere.

And even very small remotes with specific programming were on display. These are even 433 and 868 MHz controllers, that can be freely programmed.

Cable shafts have their innovations, too...

Another Linux STB with up to 4 receivers at low cost.

Demos of second screen apps even at the Astra booth. This one is analyzing the voice patterns to detect the actual TV channel.

Big infrastructure firms were with the show, too. Ericsson, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent they all showed their TV portfolio. Multiscreen was a must for all.

What did I say?

In the end I had some interesting terrace talks and the fair was of real value. And even the outdoor coffee was excellent ;-)

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