Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

CeBIT 2013 Day 1

My feet still remember MWC Barcelona quite well, but it's showtime again at CeBIT 2013. First impressions are quite mixed, as the concept of this event is still a bit changing and the show is fighting for relevance.

There is much more free space in the halls, some filled with just a few exhibitors and in some lots of floorspace occupied by public sector representatives. Hope CeBIT will find its way to stay relevant as a worldwide platform as I really like the venue and the people living here. Don't want to be too lengthy on this, but the fiar is framed by CES in January, MWC in February (just last week) and the Consumer Electronics part is nearly compeltely shifting to the nowadays yearly IFA, which successfully included white good into the show spectrum. Not fo forget Photokina, which even made big companies like Canon moving away even from IFA. So besides some structural stagnation for tradeshows in the traditional way there is much and hard competition for relevance.

But the at least the wheather is nice with a first indications that the long and cold winter might be over.

A full functioning phone... ;-) More and more companies in the B2B spectrum take care for environmental issues. Refurbished office phones sets are made available by this company.

Logitec shows a new keyboard fully integrating VoIP features and running driverless on PCs, Macs and even thin client solutions.

Incoming call display on the keyboard, dedicated function keys to manage phone calls.

Also lots of new webcam models being shown at their booth.

Archos, the french mediaplayer brand nearly completely switched over to tablets. Very nice finished with aluminium backside, good processors and displays for reasonable prices. I liked the 8 inch model with a list price of only 169 Euro quite a lot.

They also show the Connected TV solution, on of the first gaming focussed solutions as you can see the very specific keyboard or game controller. There could be a market for Android gaming on big TV screens. List price is about 130 Euro. Also one of the cheapest autonomous Skype solutions I know, as a HD webcam is built in, too.

Devolo is presentin a new version of its Powerline / Wifi combo. Much smaller cases and a new automatic configuration feature built in. If you add more than one WiFi endpoint, the configaration is automatically forwarded to the new WiFi plug and als the WiFi plugs span up a consistent network at home. So if you move around in your flat you will have just the feeling of a much better WiFi infrastructure seamlessly working with your smartphones and tablets.

Eager to test some of these, as it is one of the real end user problems to have a good enough WiFi coverage at any relevant location in your home. Especially HD video playout will benefit from a multi AP WiFi infrastructure. Comes quite near to a wireless AP in every room concept...

Trekstore also shows a new tablet line starting at low prices. Seems to become a real hot summer on good tablets at low prices. I suggest the market especially of these Android based versions will grow significantly throughout this year.

Portable power packs also get more and more to the market. Trekstor's version with about 10.000 mAH.

The company also thinks about a new concept making use of tablets connected to the TV.
"Tablet 2TV" as they name it ;-)

Lots of unnecessary things to own. Accessories for tables and smartphones will get one of the biggest market segments, soon...

Make your phone look unique ...

Special floorspace concepts all over, hall 14 showing the ICP International Communication Park focussing on communications solutions. Lots of VoIP and pure voice solutions offered from real international companies from all over the world.

You will never guess, what options can be made available to charge your smartphone in the car. What about a solution with retractable cable?

There are still challenges with self built e-vehicles of different competitions.

And it was a real nice party going on with lots of bloggers showing up at the t3n event.

Met Markus Jakobs from or his twitterfeed @kehrseite and my good old buddy Sascha Pallenberg and a good part of his mobilegeeks team.

I also meet with a real nice fellow in the end who is normally running a more car racing related blog. But Mike Frison is also interested in all communication technologies and loves to connect with other bloggers. And has developed his very own ways to take pictures with his iPhone. Just watch his CeBIT 2013 blogpost. Really nice...

On my way out I passed the quite reduced floorspace of the Webciety pavillion and could not resist to take some pictures of the twitter comments on display at their booth at that night.

The night ended with a last view of the always impressing gates of the Hannover Conference Center.

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