Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

CES 2012 Coming Up

Only a few days to go and I will be there, at the worlds biggest CE Event of the year! Will try to collect all the new and relevant things and take as much fotos as possible. Some of the preannouncements were promising, like the CES gadget preview of 

One of the most interesting for me was the one of the CloudFTP device. After some search I found more info on this device at indicating, that this product is being brought to market using the internet base fund raising of this website.

And I spontaneously became a backer for this device even if the other products of Sanho's Hyper family products like HyperDrive have not been too convincing in general. But the idea of having this device available with you could become relevant, especially as all the other WiFi solutions all include the drive itself and are quite expensive so far.

I will let you know all about the new rumors and announcement that come to my ears at CES 2012!

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