Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

No iPhone 5. Why are we so disappointed?

Today’s (October 4th) announcements of Coupertino’s giant made not all people smile. Most of them did not get what they expected. It was a tough first presentation for the new Apple CEO – the first in the era after Steve Jobs – and he really will have known, that he will not raise the bar high enough.

But why should he? Apple is selling the actual iPhone 4 as hell and is strongly moving to new markets like China. So the company focuses more on efficient and stable production conditions and the optimization of international sales. And what was more needed, than a “World Phone”, a phone running all international mobile network standards and providing ultimate flexibility. Not only for customers but also for their retail chain. Simply one model to be sold worldwide. A producers dream coming true…

But all the rumors coming up before the event made people expect more. So many online blogger, news and gadget sites were showing real virtual devices making many folks going crazy for an iPhone 5. This reminds me a bit back to the “I want an iPhone 4” cartoon swapping through the net a while ago. 

I still love this animation clip as it shows some of the unreal expectations some people develop. There are just too many websites just working on stories to get eyeballs and maximize reach and revenue. And this may lead to the fact, that lots of people get disappointed when a company just offers the double speed improvement and better camera inside a new smartphone.

Other sources like Business Insider also mention additional aspects anyone will be able to understand: Why creating new from factors and distract people bound in two year contracts and create a big debate on the best screen size? And let’s look back: There were similar moves in Apple’s product lines in the past, the 3GS instead of an iPhone 4. But most people are forgetting fast. And two full years are much too long to wait for ;-)

The storm of innovations we went through during this year with all the high end smartphones with dual core processors, free view 3D displays and things like that did not satisfy the masses. They always expect more, even if the get twice as much as a year ago.

I think we should start some rethinking. A little bit like “back to the roots”. What do we really need? What are the real useful things or gadgets to use? Which apps do I really need? How could we simplify our communications?  Even Apple seems to be working hard to move into a similar direction. The way they will simplify multi device usage by offering some really new iCloud concepts could help a liitle bit to get things done simpler but just using it. I am still excited to get iOS 5 and the full iCloud features down to my iPhone 4 and my MacBook.

Sincerely yours
Klaus Milczewsky

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