Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Apple with focus on software at this year's #WWDC (with full video)

Apple does not want to be left behind in the post PC area "cuts the cord" and starts with a reasonable move into the cloud.

The full video of Steve Job's keynote can be found here and cannot be embedded into this blog as it comes in Quicktime format as all Apple posts. 

It is relevant anyhow and I will try to guide you through with some time-marks for faster viewing.

It took some while to get back to my writing, but most of the announcements are still worth to do some comments on.

Lets group it like the keynote:

Timestamp Overview
1:30 Intro and WWDC Info

3:27 Lion Overview and the 10 Key Features
6:28 Multi-Touch Gestures
7:49 Full Screen Apps
9:30 Mission Control
10:48 Demo of all above features
16:20 Mac App Store
18:31 Launch Pad
19:17 Resume
20:27 Autosave
22:00 Versions
23:24 Demo of the above mentioned features
27:49 AirDrop
29:24 Mail intro and demo
34:20 Lion Wrap Up, available in July for 29,99 USD

37:50 iOS5 Overview and intro of iOS development of iTune BookStoree and Apps
42:50 IOS5 Feature demos
43:18 Notification Center intro and demo
47:20 Newsstand including subscriptions
49:56 Twitter fully integrated into iOS
52:08 Safari updates Reader,  Reading List,  Tabbed Browsing
56:55 Reminders
58:40 Camera update
62:07 Mail updates including the new split keyboard mode
66:04 PC Free
69:06 Game Center
71:08 iMessage directly to iOS5 devices
75:44 iOS Wrap Up

79:03 iCloud intro by Steve Jobs
83:00 Details on Contacts, Calendar and Mail Sync / Push becoming a free service
86:55 Appstore in the cloud
88:10 iBooks
89:10 Backup
90:30 Documents in the cloud with demo
96:52 Photo Stream with full demo
103:50 iTunes in the Cloud
109:00 Wrap Up iCloud
112:05 Music Match

All timestamps taken from the original video clip. 

Have fun watching the things you are interested in.

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